Supreme Power IPO GMP: Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO GMP Price Today

Supreme Power Equipment Limited is all set to make its debut on the stock market through its Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Initial Public Offering (IPO) at the NSE Emerge. With a total issue size worth Rs 46.67 Crores, this IPO comprises 100% fresh issue of shares. The subscription period for this IPO is scheduled from December 21, 2023, to December 26, 2023, and each share has a face value of Rs 10. Investors can apply for this SME IPO by purchasing a minimum of one lot, which consists of 2000 shares or its multiples, at a price band ranging from Rs 61 to Rs 65 per share as outlined in the offer document.

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Supreme Power IPO GMP

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) of Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO as of the latest update stands at ₹30. With a price band of ₹65.00, the estimated listing price for Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO is ₹115 (cap price + today’s GMP). This implies an expected percentage gain/loss per share of 46.15%.

Let’s take a closer look at the GMP trends in the days leading up to the IPO: [Last Updated: 29 Dec, 2023; 09:45]

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
29-12-2023₹65.00₹3045600₹95 (46.15%)
28-12-2023₹65.00₹3045600₹95 (46.15%)
27-12-2023₹65.00₹5076000₹115 (76.92%)
26-12-2023₹65.00₹66100300₹131 (101.54%)
25-12-2023₹65.00₹6091200₹125 (92.31%)
24-12-2023₹65.00₹5076000₹115 (76.92%)
23-12-2023₹65.00₹5076000₹115 (76.92%)
22-12-2023₹65.00₹5076000₹115 (76.92%)
21-12-2023₹65.00₹5482100₹119 (83.08%)
20-12-2023₹65.00₹5482100₹119 (83.08%)
19-12-2023₹65.00₹5482100₹119 (83.08%)
18-12-2023₹65.00₹5279000₹117 (80%)

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Latest IPO GMP

To stay updated on the GMP of Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO, investors can check the live GMP status of all upcoming and closed IPOs (those where the issue is closed but not yet listed) on the IPO GMP Dashboard available at Regular updates on IPO GMP performance are provided for tracking and comparison purposes.

Understanding IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP)

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) is the price at which an IPO is traded in an unofficial and unregulated grey market before its official listing. The GMP serves as an indicator of how the IPO might perform on the day it gets listed on the stock exchange. A positive GMP suggests that the IPO is likely to open at a profit, while a negative GMP suggests that the IPO may open at a discount.

It is crucial to note that IPO GMP is highly volatile, making investment decisions solely based on it risky. Potential investors should consider all factors and conduct thorough research before deciding whether to invest in the Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO.

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About Supreme Power Equipment

Supreme Power Equipment Limited was established in 2015 and is primarily involved in the manufacture, refurbishment, and repair of various types of transformers, including power transformers, generator transformers, windmill transformers, distribution transformers, isolation transformers, solar transformers, energy-efficient transformers, converters, and rectifier transformers. The company provides its services to a range of industrial sectors:

  • Power transformers are essential for the efficient transmission and distribution of electrical energy across various sectors and industries.
  • Generator transformers are specialized transformers used predominantly in power generation, especially in power plants and large industrial facilities.
  • Windmill transformers, also known as wind turbine transformers or wind farm transformers, play a crucial role in generating and distributing electricity from wind turbines.
  • Distribution transformers are vital components in the electricity sector, serving residential, commercial, and industrial needs.
  • Solar transformers are instrumental in the solar energy sector as they facilitate the transmission of electricity generated through solar panels.

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Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO Strengths

Supreme Power Equipment boasts several strengths:

  1. Contracts from governments: The company has secured contracts from government entities, which adds stability and revenue potential.
  2. Highly crafted and well-engineered product base: The company’s commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in its product range.
  3. Capable Technical Personnel: A skilled and experienced team ensures the delivery of high-quality products and services.
  4. Wide product portfolio: The diverse range of transformers caters to various industries and applications.
  5. Organized and focused marketing team: An efficient marketing team helps in expanding the company’s customer base.

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Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO Objectives

The primary objectives of the Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO are as follows:

  1. Meeting Capital Expenditure: Utilizing the funds raised for capital expenditure requirements, which may include expansion, modernization, or technological upgrades.
  2. Meeting Working Capital Requirements: Allocating a portion of the funds to address the company’s working capital needs, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.
  3. General Corporate Purposes: Utilizing the funds for general corporate purposes, which may include debt reduction or strategic investments.
  4. Meeting Issue Expenses: Covering the costs associated with the IPO process, including underwriting fees, legal expenses, and other related fees.

Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO Dates

For those interested in the Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO, it’s essential to keep track of the following dates:

  • SME IPO Open Date: December 21, 2023
  • SME IPO Close Date: December 26, 2023
  • Basis of Allotment Finalization Date: December 27, 2023
  • Refunds Initiation: December 28, 2023
  • Credit of Shares to Demat Account: December 28, 2023
  • SME IPO Listing Date: December 29, 2023
Supreme Power IPO


The Supreme Power Equipment SME IPO presents an opportunity for investors to participate in the growth of a company operating in the electrical equipment sector. While the Grey Market Premium (GMP) provides some insight into market sentiment, it is crucial for potential investors to conduct thorough due diligence, assess the company’s fundamentals, and consider their investment objectives and risk tolerance before making an investment decision. The IPO market can be volatile, and careful evaluation is essential to make informed choices in the ever-evolving world of investments.

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