Rashi Peripherals IPO GMP

Rashi Peripherals Limited, a prominent national distribution partner for global technology brands in India, has recently announced its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on both the NSE and BSE exchanges. This blog aims to delve into the Grey Market Premium (GMP) associated with Rashi Peripherals IPO, providing insights into its significance, trends, and implications for potential investors.

Understanding Rashi Peripherals IPO:

The IPO boasts a total issue size of Rs 600 Cr, entirely comprising Fresh issue shares. Investors can participate in the IPO by purchasing at least one lot of 48 shares or its multiples within the price band of Rs 295 to Rs 311 per share. The subscription period spans from February 7th to February 9th, 2024.

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Rashi Peripherals IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP):

Grey market premium (GMP) refers to the price at which an IPO is traded unofficially in the grey market before its listing. It serves as an indicator of market sentiment and helps investors gauge potential listing gains. For Rashi Peripherals IPO, the last recorded GMP stands at Today.

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Day-wise GMP Trend:

Here is the GMP data for Rashi Peripherals IPO: [ Last Updated: 14 Feb, 2024; 08:45]

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
14-02-2024311.00₹431600/22400₹354 (13.83%)
13-02-2024311.00₹431600/22400₹354 (13.83%)
12-02-2024311.00₹612200/30800₹372 (19.61%)
11-02-2024311.00₹752700/37800₹386 (24.12%)
10-02-2024311.00₹83 3000/42000₹394 (26.69%)
09-02-2024311.00₹83 3000/42000₹394 (26.69%)
08-02-2024311.00₹75 2700/37800₹386 (24.12%)
07-02-2024311.00₹853100/43400₹396 (27.33%)
06-02-2024311.00₹792900/40600₹390 (25.4%)
05-02-2024311.00₹702600/36400₹381 (22.51%)
04-02-2024311.00₹853100/43400₹396 (27.33%)
03-02-2024311.00₹853100/43400₹396 (27.33%)
02-02-2024311.00₹632300/32200₹374 (20.26%)

Latest IPO GMP:

Investors can stay updated on the live GMP status of all upcoming and closed IPOs, including Rashi Peripherals, through platforms like Stockesta.com. It’s essential to note that IPO GMP is highly volatile and should not be the sole basis for investment decisions.

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About Rashi Peripherals:

Rashi Peripherals Limited has evolved into a leading national distribution partner for global technology brands in India. With a robust distribution network comprising 50 branches and 62 warehouses, the company offers end-to-end value-added services across various ICT products, including Personal Computing, Enterprise, Cloud Solutions, and Lifestyle and IT essentials.

Strengths of Rashi Peripherals:

  • Rapidly growing distribution partner for ICT products in India.
  • Extensive network coverage spanning 730 locations in 28 states and union territories.
  • Comprehensive service offerings from pre-sale activities to post-sales support.
  • Strategic partnerships with major technology brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Intel, etc.
  • Consistent track record of superior financial performance and returns.

Rashi Peripherals IPO Objectives:

The company intends to utilize the Net Proceeds from the IPO for:

  • Prepayment or scheduled repayment of outstanding borrowings.
  • Fulfilling working capital requirements.
  • General corporate purposes.

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Rashi Peripherals IPO Dates:

  • IPO Open Date: 07-02-2024
  • IPO Close Date: 09-02-2024
  • Basis of Allotment Finalization Date: 12-02-2024
  • Refunds Initiation Date: 13-02-2024
  • Credit of Shares to Demat Account: 13-02-2024
  • IPO Listing Date: 14-02-2024


The Grey Market Premium associated with Rashi Peripherals IPO serves as a crucial indicator for potential investors, offering insights into the market sentiment and potential listing gains. However, it’s essential to consider various factors before making investment decisions and not rely solely on IPO GMP. Conducting thorough research and analysis is imperative to make informed investment choices.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Users are advised to do their own research and consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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