Rajgor IPO GMP Today: Rajgor Castor Derivatives IPO GMP

Rajgor IPO GMP Today: In the lead-up to the Rajgor Castor Derivatives SME IPO, which is set to open for subscription on October 17, 2023, and close on October 20, 2023, the Grey Market Premium (ALL IPO GMP Today) for the IPO: ₹4 per share. The IPO’s price band is fixed at ₹50 per share, and as of October 30, 2023, the estimated listing price is ₹54 per share, reflecting a potential 8% gain for investors.

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Rajgor IPO GMP Today

[Last Updated: 30-Oct-2023; 15:52] Here’s a quick look at the recent GMP trend for Rajgor Castor Derivatives IPO:

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
30-10-2023₹50.00₹4910054 (8.00%)
29-10-2023₹50.00₹4910054 (8.00%)
28-10-2023₹50.00₹4910054 (8.00%)
27-10-2023₹50.00₹4910054 (8.00%)
26-10-2023₹50.00₹4910054 (8.00%)
25-10-2023₹50.00₹4910054 (8.00%)
24-10-2023₹50.00₹81820058 (16.00%)
23-10-2023₹50.00₹81820058 (16.00%)
22-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
21-10-2023₹50.00₹511400₹55 (10.00%)
20-10-2023₹50.00₹511400₹55 (10.00%)
19-10-2023₹50.00₹1227400₹62 (24.00%)
18-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
17-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
16-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
15-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
14-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
13-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
12-10-2023₹50.00₹1022800₹60 (20%)
11-10-2023₹50.00₹613700₹56 (12%)
10-10-2023₹50.00₹613700₹56 (12%)

The steady GMP indicates sustained interest among investors as the IPO’s subscription period approaches.

Rajgor Castor Derivatives SME IPO Details

Rajgor Castor Derivatives SME IPO is a book-built issue with a total size of Rs 47.81 crores. This comprises a fresh issue of 88.95 lakh shares amounting to Rs 44.48 crores and an offer for sale of 6.66 lakh shares totaling Rs 3.33 crores.

The IPO subscription period opens on October 17, 2023, and closes on October 20, 2023. The basis of allotment is expected to be finalized on October 26, 2023. The IPO is slated to be listed on NSE SME with the tentative listing date set for October 31, 2023.

The price band for the Rajgor Castor Derivatives IPO is between ₹47 and ₹50 per share, with a minimum lot size of 3,000 shares. Retail investors are required to invest a minimum of ₹150,000, while HNI investors need to apply for a minimum of 2 lots, which equates to 6,000 shares or ₹300,000.

About Rajgor Castor Derivatives Limited

Rajgor Castor Derivatives Limited, established in 2018, is engaged in the manufacturing of castor oil-based products for the Indian market. The company’s product range includes refined castor oil (F.S.G. grade), castor de-oiled cake, and high protein castor de-oiled cake, which have diverse applications in various industries.

The company’s manufacturing facility is situated in Banaskantha, and it employs over 60 individuals as of July 31, 2023. Its clientele comprises manufacturers of lubricants, paints, pharmaceuticals, cable insulators, sealants, inks, rubber, textiles, and farmers and manufacturers of organic fertilizers.

Investors are keenly observing the Rajgor Castor Derivatives SME IPO, and with the GMP remaining stable, the IPO seems to be generating a significant interest from the investment community.

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