Paragon IPO GMP Today Price

Paragon IPO GMP Today Price: Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemical Limited is all set to go public with its SME IPO, offering 5,166,000 shares to potential investors. This IPO subscription window is open from October 26, 2023, until October 30, 2023. The face value of each share is Rs 10, and the offer price for this SME IPO ranges between Rs 95 and Rs 100 per share. The minimum lot size for this IPO is 1200 shares or its multiple.

Paragon IPO GMP Price Today

[Last Updated: 03-Nov-2023; 10:28] Let’s take a look at the Gray Market Premium (GMP) for Paragon IPO as of November 03, 2023:

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GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
03-11-2023₹100₹10595800₹205 (105%)
02-11-2023₹100₹10595800₹205 (105%)
01-11-2023₹100₹10595800₹205 (105%)
31-10-2023₹100₹10595800₹205 (105%)
30-10-2023₹100₹9889400₹198 (98%)
29-10-2023₹100₹9990300₹199 (99.00%)
28-10-2023₹100₹8880300₹188 (88.00%)
27-10-2023₹100₹8580300₹188 (88.00%)
26-10-2023₹100₹8577500₹185 (85.00%)
25-10-2023₹100₹8577500₹185 (85.00%)
24-10-2023₹100₹7568400₹175 (75%)
23-10-2023₹100₹5550200₹155 (55%)
22-10-2023₹100₹5550200₹155 (55%)
21-10-2023₹100₹5550200₹155 (55%)
20-10-2023₹100₹5550200₹155 (55%)
19-10-2023₹100₹2018200₹120 (20%)
Paragon IPO GMP Today Price

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The GMP, which is currently at ₹105, indicates the premium investors are willing to pay for Paragon IPO shares in the gray market. It’s important to note that the GMP is not an official indicator of the IPO’s listing price. The actual listing price is determined by supply and demand dynamics on the stock exchange. However, a high GMP often suggests strong demand for the shares, potentially leading to a higher listing price, while a low GMP can indicate weaker demand, potentially resulting in a lower listing price.

But, it’s crucial to remember that the gray market is unofficial and trading in gray market shares is illegal in India. To invest in IPOs, investors should only use official stock exchange channels.

Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals SME IPO Dates

Here are the important dates for the Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals SME IPO:

SME IPO ActivityDate
SME IPO Open Date26-10-2023
SME IPO Close Date30-10-2023
Basis of Allotment Finalization Date*02-11-2023
Refunds Initiation*03-11-2023
Credit of Shares to Demat Account*06-11-2023
SME IPO Listing Date*07-11-2023

Investors looking to participate in this IPO should take note of these dates.

About Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals

Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemical Limited was established in February 2003 and has come a long way since. The company specializes in custom synthesis and the manufacture of chemical intermediates for specialty applications that involve complex and differentiated chemistry.

Initially established as a partnership company in 2004, Paragon has evolved into a company that custom synthesizes and manufactures pharmaceutical intermediates, AGRO intermediates, cosmetic intermediates, pigment intermediates, dye intermediates, and more. Their products cater to a diverse customer base both in India and globally.

Paragon takes an approach that combines chemistry with technology and systems to foster sustainable product development. The company’s diverse product range finds applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, pigments, and dyes.

One of Paragon’s notable strengths is its in-house research and development department. This R&D unit is dedicated to the development and innovation of catalytic processes and the screening of new chemicals. It has even gained recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Thanks to its R&D and technology capabilities, the company has built a diversified product portfolio, expanding from about 100 products in FY 2021 to approximately 140 products in FY 2023.

Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals SME IPO Strengths

  1. Wide Product Range: Paragon offers a diverse range of products, with the flexibility to customize products to meet the needs of different industries.
  2. Focus on R&D: The company prioritizes research and development, enabling it to leverage complex chemistry and technology to create innovative solutions.
  3. Long-standing Customer Relationships: Paragon has built enduring relationships with customers across various regions, demonstrating its commitment to serving clients effectively.
  4. Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety: The company places a strong emphasis on maintaining high standards in quality, environmental responsibility, health, and safety.
  5. Strong Financial Performance: Paragon has consistently delivered strong financial results, demonstrating its stability and potential for growth.

Incorporation: 2003

Sector: Agrochemicals and Pigments

IPO Issue Size: ₹51.66 Crores

Website: Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals

Investors considering participation in the Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals SME IPO should conduct thorough research, consider their investment goals and risk tolerance, and consult with financial experts if necessary before making any investment decisions. The GMP and other market indicators should be used as supplementary information rather than sole determinants for investment.

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