Mish Designs IPO GMP

Mish Designs Limited is all set to make its debut in the stock market with an SME IPO (Small and Medium Enterprises Initial Public Offering) at BSE SME. This IPO brings an exciting opportunity for investors to participate in the growth of a fashion company with a strong digital presence and a focus on affordable Western and Indian Western wear. In this article, we will delve into the details of Mish Designs IPO, its Grey Market Premium (GMP), and why it has garnered so much attention in the financial world.

Mish Designs IPO GMP

As of November 07, 2023, the GMP for Mish Designs SME IPO stands at ₹70. This implies that the shares of Mish Designs are being traded in the grey market at a premium of ₹70 over the IPO price of ₹122. Therefore, the estimated listing price for the shares is ₹192 (IPO price + GMP), which indicates a potential gain of 57.38%. The GMP has remained steady over the last few days, making it an attractive prospect for potential investors.

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[Last Updated: 07-Nov-2023; 09:13] Here’s a quick summary of the Mish Designs IPO GMP data:

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
07-11-2023₹122₹7053200₹192 (57.38%)
06-11-2023₹122₹7053200₹192 (57.38%)
05-11-2023₹122₹7053200₹192 (57.38%)
04-11-2023₹122₹7053200₹192 (57.38%)
03-11-2023₹122₹7053200₹192 (57.38%)
02-11-2023₹122₹7053200₹192 (57.38%)
01-11-2023₹122₹6045600₹182 (49.18%))
31-10-2023₹122₹5541800₹177 (45.08%)
30-10-2023₹122₹5038000₹172 (40.98%)
29-10-2023₹122₹5038000₹172 (40.98%)
28-10-2023₹122₹5038000₹172 (40.98%)
27-10-2023₹122₹5038000₹172 (40.98%)
26-10-2023₹122₹5038000₹172 (40.98%)

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) plays a significant role in gauging market sentiment and potential listing gains for an IPO. It represents the price at which an IPO is traded unofficially, outside the regulated stock exchanges, before its official listing. The GMP is an indicator of how investors anticipate the IPO’s performance on its listing day.

Mish Designs IPO Overview

Mish Designs Limited is offering a total of 9.76 Crore Rupees worth of shares in its IPO. The entire issue is fresh, meaning all the funds raised will go into the company for its expansion and growth. The face value of each share is Rs 10, and potential investors are required to purchase at least one lot, which consists of a minimum of 1000 shares, or in multiples of that. The fixed price per share for this IPO is Rs 122.

Investors looking to participate in this offering can submit their applications from October 31 to November 2, 2023. This IPO presents an exciting opportunity for those interested in the fashion industry and the potential for substantial returns.

Understanding the Significance of GMP

A positive GMP suggests that investors expect the IPO to list at a profit, while a negative GMP indicates the possibility of a discount. However, it is essential to note that GMP can be highly volatile and may not always reflect the actual listing performance. Therefore, investing decisions should be made based on thorough research and not solely on GMP.

Mish Designs SME IPO Dates

To take advantage of this IPO opportunity, here are the key dates to keep in mind:

  • SME IPO Open Date: October 31, 2023
  • SME IPO Close Date: November 2, 2023
  • Basis of Allotment Finalization Date: November 7, 2023
  • Refunds Initiation: November 8, 2023
  • Credit of Shares to Demat Account: November 9, 2023
  • SME IPO Listing Date: November 10, 2023

These dates are crucial for investors to plan their participation in the IPO and understand when they can expect to receive shares in their Demat accounts.

About Mish Designs Limited

Mish Designs Limited was established in 2017 and is the company behind the popular fashion brand “MISH.” This brand specializes in modern women’s fashion, with a focus on affordable Western and Indian Western wear. Since its inception, the company has managed to sell over 2.5 lakhs (250,000) products across various e-commerce platforms, highlighting the demand for its products in the market.

Mish Designs has forged strong partnerships with prominent e-commerce players such as Myntra, Nykaa Fashion, Ajio, Tata Cliq, and Namshi. The company’s product range includes dresses, gowns, tops, corsets, T-shirts, trousers, and palazzos. They have also expanded their reach by exporting products to the United Arab Emirates under the brand name “ZOEY.”

One of their key strengths is their online business through prominent e-commerce platforms, enabling them to reach a wide customer base. Their scalable business model, cost-effective production, and timely order fulfillment while maintaining quality standards have contributed to their success. Additionally, they have an experienced team and promoters who understand the fashion industry well.

Their website, “www.mishindia.com,” is designed to offer a user-friendly experience and showcases trendy and affordable fashion. Their business mantra, “DRESSES THAT MAKE YOU STAND OUT,” reflects their vision and commitment to providing unique and stylish clothing options for women.


Mish Designs Limited’s SME IPO presents an exciting opportunity for investors interested in the fashion industry and looking to potentially capitalize on a company with a strong digital presence and a successful track record. The Grey Market Premium (GMP) suggests a positive outlook for this IPO, but it’s essential for investors to conduct their due diligence and make informed investment decisions.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve and adapt to digital trends, Mish Designs seems well-positioned to capture the market’s growing demand for affordable and stylish clothing. Keep an eye on the key IPO dates, and consider your investment options carefully before participating in the Mish Designs SME IPO.

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