Kaushalya Logistics IPO GMP: Kaushalya Logistics Limited Grey Market Premium (GMP) Analysis

Kaushalya Logistics Limited, a dynamic company with a diverse range of operations, is set to make a significant move by bringing its Initial Public Offering (IPO) to the NSE SME Exchange. This IPO is generating substantial interest in the market, with a total issue size worth Rs 37.88 Crores, comprising a fresh issue size of Rs 26.63 Crores and an Offer for Sale (OFS) of Rs 11.25 Crores. The IPO subscription window is scheduled to open from 29th December 2023 to 3rd January 2024, offering investors an opportunity to become a part of this growing company. Each share has a face value of Rs 10, and investors can participate by buying at least one lot of 1600 shares or its multiples at the price band of Rs 71 to Rs 75 per share, as outlined in the offer document.

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Grey Market Premium (GMP) Analysis

Investors are keenly watching the Grey Market Premium (GMP) of Kaushalya Logistics SME IPO as it provides insights into the expected listing performance. As of the latest update, the GMP stands at ₹45, indicating strong demand in the secondary market. With a price band of ₹75.00, the estimated listing price is ₹120 (comprising the cap price and today’s GMP). This suggests an expected percentage gain/loss per share of 60.00%.

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Kaushalya Logistics Day-wise IPO GMP Trend

Here’s a snapshot of Kaushalya Logistics SME IPO GMP over the past few days: [ Last Updated: 08 Jan, 2024; 09:35]

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
08-01-2024₹75.00₹4554700₹120 (60.00%)
07-01-2024₹75.00₹4554700₹120 (60.00%)
06-01-2024₹75.00₹3947400₹114 (52.00%)
05-01-2024₹75.00₹3542600₹110 (46.67%)
04-01-2024₹75.00₹4554700₹120 (60.00%)
03-01-2024₹75.00₹4554700₹120 (60.00%)
02-01-2024₹75.00₹6073000₹135 (80.00%)
01-01-2024₹75.00₹6073000₹135 (80.00%)
31-12-2023₹75.00₹5566900₹130 (73.33%)
30-12-2023₹75.00₹5566900₹130 (73.33%)
29-12-2023₹75.00₹5060800₹125 (66.67%)
28-12-2023₹75.00₹3542600₹110 (46.67%)
27-12-2023₹75.00₹3036500₹105 (40%)
26-12-2023₹75.00₹3036500₹105 (40%)
25-12-2023₹75.00₹0₹ (0%)
24-12-2023₹0₹ (0%)

Note: The GMP data is indicative and may change rapidly.

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Understanding IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP)

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) is the price at which an IPO is traded unofficially and unregulated in the grey market before its official listing. It provides a glimpse into how the IPO might perform on the listing day. A positive GMP suggests potential for profit, while a negative GMP indicates a possible discount. However, it’s important to note that GMP is highly volatile and not a sole basis for investment decisions.

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About Kaushalya Logistics Limited

Founded in 2007, Kaushalya Logistics Limited initially focused on construction projects for commercial, residential, and factory buildings. Over the years, the company diversified into providing crucial logistic support to the cement industry. The logistics division began with the management of four warehouses in 2010 and has since expanded to oversee 70 warehouses of Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited, spanning multiple Indian states like Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Kaushalya Logistics Limited has evolved into a comprehensive provider of logistics, clearing, and forwarding services.

The company operates in two key verticals: logistics support for handling and trading cement for Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited’s traders and customers, and a retail business where it partners with a prominent e-commerce platform to sell electronics and home appliances. The retail business covers multiple locations across India and is registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 17 locations. The company acts as a clearing and forwarding agent for large cement firms such as Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited.

Their business model encompasses end-to-end services including rail clearance, material transportation, warehousing, inventory management, compliance with statutory regulations, and more. Since January 2022, the company has also been a preferred supplier for a major e-commerce platform for the online sale of white goods and electronics, focusing on products from leading brands. Kaushalya Logistics Limited has gained a reputation as a reliable provider of logistics and clearing services in the cement industry and is witnessing rapid growth in its online business segment.

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Kaushalya Logistics SME IPO Strengths

  • Integrated, end-to-end logistics services and solutions.
  • A robust existing network of operations.
  • Substantial storage capabilities.
  • Strong knowledge and expertise of its promoters.

Kaushalya Logistics SME IPO Objectives

The company intends to utilize the Net Proceeds from the IPO for the following purposes:

  1. Repayment of Unsecured Loans.
  2. Funding working capital requirements.
  3. General corporate purposes.

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Kaushalya Logistics SME IPO Important Dates

Stay updated with the key dates related to Kaushalya Logistics SME IPO:

  • SME IPO Open Date: 29-12-2023
  • SME IPO Close Date: 03-01-2024
  • Basis of Allotment Finalization Date: 04-01-2024
  • Refunds Initiation Date: 05-01-2024
  • Credit of Shares to Demat Account Date: 05-01-2024
  • SME IPO Listing Date: 08-01-2024


Kaushalya Logistics Limited’s IPO on the NSE SME Exchange presents a compelling investment opportunity in a company with a diverse range of operations, strong growth potential, and a robust track record in the logistics and clearing industry. Investors are eagerly watching the GMP, and while it provides valuable insights, it’s crucial to make investment decisions after considering all factors and conducting thorough research. As always, consult with financial experts and assess your investment goals before participating in the IPO.

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