Kalyani Cast Tech IPO Allotment Finalized: Investors Eye Gains as GMP Surges

The much-anticipated Kalyani Cast Tech Initial Public Offering (IPO) allotment status has been finalized, marking a significant moment for investors. Those who applied for the IPO can now verify their allotment status on the registrar’s portal, Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd.

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Key Highlights:

  • Allotment Status: Investors can check their allotment status online, determining the number of shares allocated to them.
  • Refund Process Initiated: Following the adoption of T+3 norms, the refund process has commenced, suggesting a possible preponement of the IPO listing from the initially scheduled date of Thursday, November 16.
  • Listing Updates: Investors should stay informed about the listing details by checking the BSE website.

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Steps to Check Allotment Status:

  1. Login: Visit the direct Bigshare link at https://ipo.bigshareonline.com/ipo_status.html.
  2. Select Company: Choose “Kalyani Cast Tech IPO” from the company name section.
  3. Enter Details: Provide your Application No/CAF No, Beneficiary ID, or PAN Number.
  4. Search: Click on ‘Search’ to view your allotment status, accessible on both computer monitors and mobile phones.

Grey Market Performance:

The Kalyani Cast Tech IPO has witnessed a robust Grey Market Premium (GMP) of +85 today. This premium suggests that shares of Kalyani Cast Tech were trading at ₹85 above the issue price in the grey market as of Tuesday, per investorgain.com. With the IPO’s upper price band and the current grey market premium, the estimated listing price of Kalyani Cast Tech shares is projected at ₹224 apiece. This price is a significant 61.15% higher than the IPO price of ₹139, reflecting strong investor confidence and the readiness to pay above the issue price.

This development in the grey market is a strong indicator of the market’s optimism towards Kalyani Cast Tech’s public offering and its future performance on the stock exchange. Investors are advised to keep a close watch on the market trends and the company’s updates for further developments.

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