IRM Energy IPO Allotment: How to Check Allotment Status

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of IRM Energy Limited has generated substantial excitement in the financial markets. With a subscription status that indicates strong interest from investors across various categories, the anticipation for the IRM Energy IPO allotment is palpable. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the IRM Energy IPO allotment process and how investors can check their allotment status.

IRM Energy IPO Overview:

IRM Energy Limited, a promising player in the energy sector, decided to go public to raise capital for expansion and growth. The IPO garnered significant attention from both institutional and retail investors. The subscription status, as per the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) website, reported an oversubscription of 27.05 times.

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IRM Energy IPO Allotment Date:

The IRM Energy IPO allotment date is a crucial milestone for all the investors who participated in the offering. The allotment date is contingent upon whether the company follows the T+3 rule of IPO listing or a more traditional listing procedure.

  • If IRM Energy follows the T+3 rule, the allotment date would fall on either 23rd October 2023 or 25th October 2023. This is because 24th October 2023 is a stock market holiday due to the Dussehra festival.
  • In the case of a standard listing procedure, the most likely IRM Energy IPO allotment date would be 27th October 2023.

Investors should keep an eye on company announcements and regulatory updates to confirm the exact allotment date. (See IRM Energy Company Risks)

Grey Market Activity:

The grey market plays a significant role in IPO trading, providing an early indication of investor sentiment. In the case of IRM Energy, market observers have noted that shares are trading at a premium of โ‚น45 to โ‚น50 per equity share in the grey market. This premium reflects the strong demand for the company’s shares. (See Current IRM GMP Price Today)

How to Check IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status:

Once the share allotment process is finalized, applicants can check their IRM Energy IPO allotment status online. There are a few different avenues to do this:

  1. BSE Website:
  • To check your allotment status on the BSE website, follow these steps:
    • Visit the BSE website at
    • Select ‘Equity
    • Select ‘Issue Name‘ , which in this case is IRM Energy Limited.
    • You will be prompted to enter your application number or Permanent Account Number (PAN).
    • After entering the required details, check ‘I’m not a robot’ BOX
    • After Click ‘Search‘ to check your allotment status.
  1. Registrar’s Website (Link Intime India Private Ltd):
  • IRM Energy’s registrar for the IPO is Link Intime India Private Ltd. To check your allotment status on their website:
    • Visit the Link Intime website at
    • Navigate to the ‘IPO Allotment’ section.
    • Select the IPO you have applied for, which in this case is IRM Energy Limited.
    • Enter your application number and PAN.
    • Click ‘Search’ to access your allotment status.

Investors should ensure they have the necessary application details, such as the application number and PAN, readily available to check their allotment status efficiently.

IRM Energy IPO Subscription Status:
Before diving into the allotment process, let’s review the subscription status of the IRM Energy IPO:

  • The overall subscription status indicated an oversubscription of 27.05 times.
  • The retail portion of the IPO was oversubscribed 9.29 times.
  • In the Non-Institutional Investor (NII) category, the subscription rate reached an impressive 48.34 times.
  • The Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) segment also saw robust demand, with a subscription rate of 44.73 times.

This strong response from investors suggests a high level of confidence in IRM Energy’s prospects and the potential for strong stock performance post-listing.

In conclusion, the IRM Energy IPO has been a remarkable success in terms of subscription, and investors are keenly awaiting the allotment status. Checking your IPO allotment status is a straightforward process, and you can do so through the BSE website or the registrar’s website. Keep an eye on company announcements and regulatory updates for the precise allotment date, as it may vary based on the listing procedure chosen by the company. The grey market’s premium indicates strong interest in IRM Energy shares, making it a compelling IPO for investors.

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