Innova Captab IPO GMP

In the world of stock markets, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are often highly anticipated events. They represent an opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor of a potentially successful company. Innova Captab Limited, a prominent pharmaceutical company in India, is set to launch its IPO on the NSE and BSE Exchange. In this blog, we will delve into the details of Innova Captab IPO, focusing on its Grey Market Premium (GMP) and what it means for potential investors.

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Understanding Innova Captab IPO

Innova Captab Limited’s IPO comprises two components: a Fresh Issue and an Offer for Sale (OFS). The total issue size stands at Rs 570 Crores. The Fresh Issue size is Rs 320 Crores, and the OFS size is Rs 250 Crores. Each share has a face value of Rs 10. Investors interested in this IPO can apply for a minimum of one lot, which consists of 33 shares, or multiples thereof. The price band for each share ranges from Rs 426 to Rs 448, as detailed in the offer document.

The IPO subscription window for Innova Captab is scheduled to open on December 21, 2023, and close on December 26, 2023.

Innova Captab IPO GMP

Grey Market Premium (GMP) refers to the price at which an IPO is traded in an unofficial, unregulated grey market before its official listing on stock exchanges. It provides an indication of how the IPO might perform on the day of listing. As of the latest update, Innova Captab IPO’s GMP is Rs 86. This GMP is crucial because it helps investors estimate the potential listing price of the IPO.

Let’s break down the calculations: [ Last Updated: 29 Dec, 2023; 09:45]

  • Innova Captab IPO Price: Rs 448
  • Innova Captab IPO GMP: Rs 32
  • Estimated Listing Price: IPO Price + GMP = Rs 448 + Rs 32= Rs 480
  • Expected Percentage Gain/Loss per Share: ((Estimated Listing Price – IPO Price) / IPO Price) x 100 = ((Rs 480 – Rs 448) / Rs 448) x 100 = 7.14%

Here’s a table summarizing the GMP and estimated listing price for Innova Captab IPO on different dates:

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
29-12-2023₹448₹32800/11200₹480 (7.14%)
28-12-2023₹448₹32800/11200₹480 (7.14%)
27-12-2023₹448₹862200/30800₹534 (19.20%)
26-12-2023₹448₹1213000/42000₹569 (27.01%)
25-12-2023₹448₹1403500/49000₹588 (31.25%)
24-12-2023₹448₹1604000/56000₹608 (35.71%)
23-12-2023₹448₹1604000/56000₹608 (35.71%)
22-12-2023₹448₹1002500/35000₹548 (22.32%)
21-12-2023₹448₹1002500/35000₹548 (22.32%)
20-12-2023₹448₹2115300/74200₹659 (47.10%)
19-12-2023₹448₹2105300/74200₹658 (46.88%)
18-12-2023₹448₹2105300/74200₹658 (46.88%)
17-12-2023₹448₹2105300/74200₹658 (46.88%)
16-12-2023₹448₹2105300/74200₹658 (46.88%)

Interpreting the GMP

A positive GMP implies that the IPO is likely to list at a profit, while a negative GMP suggests it might list at a discount. However, it’s essential to note that IPO GMP is highly volatile and speculative. Relying solely on GMP for investment decisions can be risky. Investors should consider various factors before making their investment choices.

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About Innova Captab

Innova Captab Limited, founded in January 2005, is an integrated pharmaceutical company with a strong presence across the pharmaceutical value chain. Their operations include Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) services, domestic branded generics, and international branded generics.

The company places a significant emphasis on research and development, boasting an in-house R&D laboratory and a pilot plant. They plan to establish a new R&D center in Panchkula, Haryana, and carry out manufacturing in multiple facilities, including the planned one in Jammu.

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Strengths of Innova Captab IPO

  • Leading presence and rapid growth in the Indian pharmaceutical formulations market.
  • Established relationships with a substantial CDMO customer base.
  • Efficient operations, including world-class manufacturing facilities and supply chain.
  • Rapidly growing domestic and international export business with branded generics.
  • Strong focus on research and development to expand their product portfolio.

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Innova Captab IPO Objectives

The company intends to utilize the net proceeds from the Fresh Issue for various purposes, including repaying loans, investing in subsidiaries, funding working capital requirements, and general corporate purposes.

Innova Captab IPO Dates

Here are the important dates for Innova Captab IPO:

  • IPO Open Date: 21-12-2023
  • IPO Close Date: 26-12-2023
  • Basis of Allotment Finalization Date: 27-12-2023
  • Refunds Initiation: 28-12-2023
  • Credit of Shares to Demat Account: 28-12-2023
  • IPO Listing Date: 29-12-2023

As the IPO journey of Innova Captab unfolds, prospective investors should conduct thorough research, assess their risk tolerance, and consider various factors beyond GMP before making investment decisions. IPOs can be lucrative, but they also carry inherent risks, making informed decisions crucial. Stay updated with reliable sources and consult financial experts if needed to make the best investment choices.

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