Cello World Limited IPO Financials

Cello World Limited, a prominent Indian consumer goods company, has recently announced its Initial Public Offering (IPO) with a remarkable financial performance over the past few years. In this blog, we will delve into the financial information of Cello World Limited IPO, including its revenue growth, profit after tax, key financial indicators, and an overview of the company itself.

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Cello World IPO Financial Growth and Performance

Cello World Limited has demonstrated significant growth in its financials between the financial year ending with March 31, 2022, and March 31, 2023. Let’s take a closer look at the key financial figures:

  • Assets: The company’s total assets have steadily increased over the past two years, reaching ₹1,686.05 Crores as of June 30, 2023, up from ₹1,333.66 Crores on March 31, 2022.
  • Revenue: Cello World Limited witnessed robust revenue growth, with a substantial increase of 31.88% between March 2022 and March 2023. The revenue for the financial year ending March 31, 2023, was ₹1,813.44 Crores, compared to ₹1,375.11 Crores in the previous year.
  • Profit After Tax (PAT): The company’s profitability also showed a positive trend, as the PAT rose by 29.85% to ₹285.06 Crores in the financial year ending March 31, 2023, compared to ₹219.52 Crores in March 2022.
  • Net Worth and Reserves: The net worth and reserves of Cello World Limited have seen substantial growth. As of March 31, 2023, the net worth stood at ₹1,226.56 Crores, significantly higher than the ₹444.04 Crores reported in March 2022. The reserves and surplus have also grown from ₹87.26 Crores to ₹238.75 Crores during the same period.
  • Total Borrowing: The total borrowing of the company decreased slightly from ₹462.91 Crores in March 2022 to ₹335.11 Crores as of March 31, 2023.

Cello World IPO Financial Graph

Financial Line Charts

Cello World IPO Key Performance Indicators

Understanding key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential when evaluating the financial health of a company. Here are some important KPIs for Cello World Limited:

  • Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E): The company’s P/E ratio stands at 49.2x, reflecting the market’s confidence in its growth prospects.
  • Return on Equity (ROE): Cello World Limited boasts an impressive ROE of 134.43%, indicating that it efficiently utilizes shareholders’ equity to generate profits.
  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE): With a ROCE of 44.48%, the company demonstrates its ability to generate returns on the capital invested in the business.
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS): The company reported an EPS of ₹13.65, indicating its earnings per share for each outstanding share.
  • Return on Net Worth (RoNW): Cello World Limited has an RoNW of 23.17%, signifying its ability to generate returns on its net worth.

About Cello World Limited

Cello World Limited, established in July 2018, has rapidly grown to become a leader in the Indian consumer goods market. The company operates in various categories, including household goods, stationery and writing instruments, and moulded furniture and related products. It is recognized as one of the largest brands in the Indian consumer goods market, according to the Technopak Report.

One of the key strengths of Cello World Limited is its in-house production capabilities, which account for a significant portion of its total sales. In fiscal years 2021, 2022, and 2023, in-house production represented 78.65%, 82.63%, and 79.37% of total sales, respectively. This underscores the company’s ability to control quality and costs through its internal manufacturing processes.

The company also collaborates with third-party suppliers for products like steel and glassware, allowing them to diversify their offerings while benefiting from economies of scale. Furthermore, Cello World Limited has maintained optimal inventory levels through technology and market intelligence, ensuring efficient supply chain management.

Cello World Limited’s commitment to quality and good manufacturing practices, coupled with its expansive India-wide distribution network, positions it as a reliable and trusted brand in the consumer goods industry.

As Cello World Limited prepares for its IPO, these financial insights provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s growth and stability in the market. Investors and stakeholders may find this data valuable when considering their participation in the IPO.

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