Benchmark Computer Solutions IPO GMP

The Benchmark Computer Solutions IPO has been generating a lot of buzz in the financial markets. This fixed price issue consists of 18.54 lakh shares and is entirely a fresh issue. Investors and enthusiasts are keen to gauge the Grey Market Premium (GMP) for this IPO, which can provide insights into how the stock might perform on its listing day. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of Benchmark Computer Solutions IPO GMP and provide a comprehensive overview of the company.

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Benchmark Computer IPO GMP

Let’s start by examining the Grey Market Premium for Benchmark Computer Solutions IPO. The GMP reflects the price at which an IPO is traded in an unofficial and unregulated grey market before its official listing. It gives investors an idea of the potential listing gain. Here’s a table showcasing the GMP for the IPO: [Last Updated: 21 Dec, 2023; 15:05]

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
21-12-2023₹66₹1522800₹81 (22.73%)
20-12-2023₹66₹1522800₹81 (22.73%)
19-12-2023₹66₹3045600₹96 (45.45%)
18-12-2023₹66₹3045600₹96 (45.45%)
17-12-2023₹66₹3350200₹99 (50.00%)
16-12-2023₹66₹4060800₹106 (60.61%)
15-12-2023₹66₹3553200₹101 (53.03%)
14-12-2023₹66₹3553200₹101 (53.03%)
13-12-2023₹66₹2233400₹88 (33.33%)
12-12-2023₹66₹2233400₹88 (33.33%)
11-12-2023₹66₹2233400₹88 (33.33%)
10-12-2023₹ (0%)

IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP)

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) is a crucial indicator for investors, as it provides insights into market sentiment and potential listing gains. A positive GMP suggests that the IPO may list at a profit, while a negative GMP indicates the possibility of a discount on listing. However, it’s essential to remember that IPO GMP is not regulated and can be highly volatile. Therefore, it should not be the sole basis for making investment decisions. Investors should consider all factors and conduct thorough research before deciding to invest in an IPO.

About Benchmark Computer Solutions

Benchmark Computer Solutions Limited is an IT infrastructure solutions, technology consulting, and software development company. Established in October 2002, the company has built a strong presence in the IT industry. Here’s an overview of the company’s core offerings and strengths:

  • IT Infrastructure Solutions: Benchmark Computer Solutions provides end-to-end technology and technology-related services, including IT infrastructure and software development services. They offer models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The company has a track record of delivering complex IT transformation projects and supporting efficient IT infrastructure solutions for enterprise customers.
  • Software Development: They offer software and web-based application development services, catering to the evolving technology needs of businesses.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and Facility Management Services (FMS): Benchmark Computer Solutions also provides AMC and FMS services, ensuring that the IT infrastructure and systems remain in optimal condition.
  • Authorized Partnerships: The company is an authorized partner of several well-known OEMs, including HP, SafeAeon, Veeam, Vertiv, Lenovo, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, and Dell Technologies.

Strengths of Benchmark Computer Solutions SME IPO

The company’s strengths make it an interesting proposition for investors. Here are some of its key strengths:

  • Customized Solutions: Benchmark Computer Solutions has the ability to provide customized and integrated IT solutions, catering to the unique requirements of their clients.
  • Experienced Management Team: Backed by an experienced promoter and management team, the company is well-equipped to navigate the dynamic IT industry.
  • Long-standing Relationships: The company boasts long-standing relationships with its customers, which reflects trust and reliability in its services.
  • Wide Service Portfolio: Their wide range of services, including IT infrastructure solutions, software development, and maintenance services, provides diversity and resilience to their business model.


Benchmark Computer Solutions IPO is creating a lot of anticipation in the market. While the GMP currently stands at zero, investors are eager to see how the IPO performs on its listing day. It’s important to remember that GMP is not the sole factor to consider when making investment decisions. Investors should conduct thorough research, assess the company’s fundamentals, and evaluate their own investment goals and risk tolerance. Only then can they make an informed decision about whether to invest in Benchmark Computer Solutions SME IPO or not.

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