Baweja Studios NSE SME IPO GMP

Baweja Studios Limited, a prominent player in the media and entertainment sector, has recently announced the launch of its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the NSE Emerge platform. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the IPO, its Grey Market Premium (GMP), day-wise GMP trends, and other essential aspects.

IPO Details

  • Total Issue Size: Rs 97.20 Cr
  • Fresh Issue: Rs 72.00 Cr
  • OFS Issue: Rs 25.20 Cr
  • IPO Dates: 29 Jan 2024 to 01 Feb 2024
  • Face Value: Rs 10
  • Price Band: Rs 170 to Rs 180 per share
  • Lot Size: 800 shares or its multiple as specified in the offer document

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Grey Market Premium (GMP)

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) is a crucial indicator of market sentiment towards an IPO. As of the latest update, the GMP for Baweja Studios SME IPO is ₹2. The estimated listing price, calculated by adding the cap price and today’s GMP, stands at ₹182, indicating an expected percentage gain of 1.11%.

Baweja Studios Day-wise IPO GMP Trend

Here is the GMP data for Baweja Studios SME IPO: [ Last Updated: 06 Feb, 2024; 08:50]

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
06-02-2024180.00₹21200₹182 (1.11%)
05-02-2024180.00₹21200₹182 (1.11%)
04-02-2024180.00₹0₹180 (0%)
03-02-2024180.00₹0₹180 (0%)
02-02-2024180.00₹0₹180 (0%)
01-02-2024180.00₹0₹180 (0%)
31-01-2024180.00₹159100₹195 (8.33%)
30-01-2024180.00₹159100₹195 (8.33%)
29-01-2024180.00₹159100₹195 (8.33%)
28-01-2024180.00₹2515200₹205 (13.89%)
27-01-2024180.00₹2515200₹205 (13.89%)
26-01-2024180.00₹2515200₹205 (13.89%)
25-01-2024180.00₹2515200₹205 (13.89%)
24-01-2024180.00₹0₹180 (0%)

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Latest IPO GMP

For real-time updates on IPO GMP for Baweja Studios SME IPO and others, provides a dedicated IPO GMP Dashboard. It’s essential to track and compare IPO GMP and its listing price before making any investment decisions.

Understanding IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP)

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) reflects the price at which an IPO is traded unofficially before its listing on the stock exchange. A positive GMP suggests potential profitability, while a negative GMP may indicate a likely discount. However, it’s crucial to note the inherent volatility in IPO GMP and make investment decisions cautiously.

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About Baweja Studios Limited

Established in 2001, Baweja Studios Limited has been a trailblazer in producing high-quality content across various commercial formats. The company’s expertise spans script research and development, full content production, intellectual property creation, and rights monetization.

Content Specialization

Baweja Studios excels in producing digital films, web series, animated films, Punjabi films, commercials, and music videos. The company has consistently delivered top-notch multi-format content, nurturing emerging talents in the Indian entertainment industry.

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The primary objective of Baweja Studios is film production, with secondary objectives including the expansion of intellectual property through derivatives such as remakes, sequels, prequels, foreign language productions, stage plays, web series, television productions, documentaries, electronic books, comic books, print publications, games, merchandising, and adaptations in various formats and mediums.


  • Leveraging the experience of the promoter.
  • A qualified senior management team.
  • Long-standing relationships in the industry.
  • Adherence to quality assurance and standards.
  • A diverse and growing content library.
  • A scalable business model.
  • A robust distribution and co-production model.

IPO Objectives

The net proceeds from the IPO will be utilized for meeting working capital requirements and general corporate purposes, aligning with the goal of benefiting from the listing on the NSE Emerge platform.

Baweja Studios SME IPO Dates

Stay updated with the latest information on Baweja Studios SME IPO dates:

  • SME IPO Open Date: 29-01-2024
  • SME IPO Close Date: 01-02-2024
  • Basis of Allotment Finalization Date: 02-02-2024
  • Refunds Initiation Date: 05-02-2024
  • Credit of Shares to Demat Account: 05-02-2024
  • SME IPO Listing Date: 06-02-2024


Investors considering Baweja Studios SME IPO should carefully analyze all factors before making any investment decisions. The Grey Market Premium can provide insights into market expectations, but it’s crucial to consider the inherent volatility in IPO GMP. Baweja Studios Limited, with its strong industry presence, diverse content portfolio, and strategic objectives, presents an intriguing opportunity in the ever-evolving media and entertainment sector.

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